Quest M3 Home Electric Roaster 200g (Preorder Only)

Quest M3 Home Electric Roaster 200g (Preorder Only)


The Quest M3 is one of the most reputable home sample roasters available in the market, and is now available 2 Options: Basic, and Advanced.


The Basic Model comes with 1 analog thermometer, fan speed, and heat control (Optional Add On: Sensor probe for Thermocouple to replace analog thermometer)

The Advanced Model comes with 2 analog thermometers, Drum Speed control, fan speed, and heat control. (Optional Add On(s): Sensor probes for Thermocouple to replace analog thermometers)

This shiny machine is not only elegant in its simple straight-to-the-point design, it also roasts a mean batch of coffee. Almost a smaller version of a commercial roaster, this electric drum roaster comes with heat and airflow controls. it even comes with a cooling tray, chaff collector, and temperature probe, and even a mini bean tryer so you can have a look and smell of the beans while roasting. 


TTR Notes..

We use this primarily for sample roasting and working out profiles for new coffees, and we have loved every moment of using it. Its versatility, control, and stellar results prove that it is no lesser than its commercial counterparts. 

We have roasted batches between 100g-200g, with 150g-160g being the ideal batch size so far. 

You can take this roaster for 4 rounds each time, allowing it to cool to room temperature for about 1-1.5 hours, before starting it up again. 

Just be sure to shut your windows and turn off any air-conditioning or fans as the roaster is rather sensitive to changes in outside temperatures and airflow. 

Another thing to note is that we realised that taking out the bean tryer for too long causes outside air to enter the drum and may affect the drum's internal temperature. You may want to minimise the number of times you remove the tryer to prevent this from happening. 


The Quest M3 Home Electric Roaster is now available for pre-order at SGD 2190 (Basic Model) and SGD 2490 (Advanced Model) (Price include Free Local Delivery within Singapore or 1 Private Demo session with 160g of Specialty Green Coffee for your hands-on demonstration)

*Warranty is 6 months parts only. 

Add Ons: Sensor Probes for Digital Thermocouple are available on request at an additional cost. Thermocouple not included.

Prices are as of April 2018. Price are indicative only for this time period. Kindly contact us for a current quote.